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IX International Prize of Solidarity in Sport
V International Prize Breaking Barriers with Sport
Announcement 2014 – Announcement Bases

bases | presentation form

The candidacies to the “International Prize to Solidarity in Sport” could be displayed by people or organizations that carry out projects that use the sport as a means of accomplishment of the person and social integration, as a vehicle for the acquisition of social competences and transmission of values, factor of socialization and strategy of social prevention or those that, any way or another, use the social potential of the sport to the benefit of children and teenagers from all over the world.

Those who work with disabled people will also be able to display the candidacy to the “Breaking barriers with Sport Prize”, as a special modality in order to recognize the work of people and organizations that use the sport as a means to improve the quality of life of disabled people, through their own sports action or the promotion of the sport activity in other people; contributing to the diffusion and improvement of the sports activity among children and disabled teenagers.

The Social Network "HELP"

red social helpThe Social Network for Sport and Development created "HELP", was an initiative promoted by the International Award for Solidarity in Sport. We believe in the necessity and importance of publicizing projects being undertaken in various parts of the world and the amount of synergies (not just cash), but the exchange of goods and chattels we have and not need can be useful in other projects . Also people or institutions can collaborate and contribute their knowledge and / or tools to specific problems elsewhere.

Nearly a decade ago, a diverse group of individuals - all with different backgrounds, social standing and appearances - gathered together to aid the economically disadvantaged, basing their collective action on the promotion of athletic activities. Today, the Sport, Culture and Development Association, thanks to the invaluable support of both public and private institutions and organisations, has been able to bring the majority of its´ projects to fruition, especially since its formal establishment in 2004. Some initiatives, better-known but not necessarily more rewarding, include the Football Solidarity Tour or the International Award for Solidarity in Sports, now in its sixth year.

Simultaneously, the association has developed various projects in Africa and South America (such as "sustainable greenhouses" to aid in the struggle against hunger), continually rooting its efforts in such fundamental premises as the indispensable role of education as a path towards self-realization, and the necessity of developmental support to better take advantage of human potential. A rather public example can be found in the case of Ikechukwu Uche, currently playing with Real Zaragoza Living proof of the maxim "if there is a will there´s a way", he found a path out of his native Nigeria thanks in part to the initiatives of Sport & Development. .

With your help, with help from everyone, we can continue this path towards solidarity - here you can learn about our most significant achievements - promoting hope and inspiration. A dedicated effort which is, without a doubt, well worth it.



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